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The Eaves of Fall

A Book of Maveryn
*The Eaves of Fall is currently being drafted. (Click here to meet the cast!)


"Claire Godtric wants glory.

What men tear down with swords, Claire stitches back together with a needle. It's a gruesome life, but one she was born to as a healer's daughter. Now, after ten years spent mastering her craft, Claire travels to the capitol of Carastille in hopes of forging her legacy. 

But the road to Carastille is hard. When at last she arrives to stand before the king, she is penniless and without her precious medicines. Unimpressed, the king gives her an ultimatum: prove her worth as a healer or go home.

For Claire, the choice is simple. Day in and day out, she struggles to earn her position in the king's court–but then war comes. Suddenly, Claire is swept up in a world of fear and desire so terrifying it threatens the very heart of her convictions. Can she fight to find her glory or will Claire's lofty ambitions prove to be her ultimate downfall?"

The Dark Between

Book One of The Astral Series
*The Dark Between is currently in revision.


"Thea has lived her entire life in the shadows. Born with extraordinary yet disdained abilities, she has spent years learning how to control her powers and remain inconspicuous. But when a brooding young knight suspects her of witchcraft, Thea is suddenly thrust into the precarious light of the public eye, and her well-kept secrets are bound to follow.

As the illegitimate son of a High Lord, Cim Ryter never expected to find favor at royal court. But as he comes to understand just how much influence his family name compels, Cim learns of an alarming secret that could send several men – including himself – to the hangman’s noose. And it’s not long before someone else knows his secret, too.

With their very lives at stake, trusting their intuitions may be the only hope remaining for Thea and Cim’s survival. But doing so could also be the last mistake either of them ever makes…"


Book One of the Dreamworld Series
*Dreamworld is currently being revised.


"Em Sykes never thought she would see her mother again, not after she buried her exactly one year ago.

So when Em's mother appears to her in a dream, begging her to stop her long-lost father from breaking the veil between the worlds of the dead and the living, Em is sure she’s gone completely insane. But not long after, a boy named Asher visits Em in her dreams and tells her the truth: Her dreams aren’t dreams after all. They’re actually a portal to the spirit world, and everything her mother said was true. 

With the council of the dead breathing down her neck, a life among the living to contend with, and a father she never knew threatening to destroy the world, can Em prevent the breaking of the veil before the dead come back to life?"

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